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The New Sensei Search in Lightroom for Mobile: How it Works (And How It Doesn’t)

Hi, gang — it’s a Holiday week – should be a fun one (with some solid football). Today I did a video about the new Search feature “Sensei” added to Lightroom for your Mobile Device (called Lightroom CC now, but if I said … [Read more]

Sharpening with the View Mask Feature

It’s Tuesday, and Adobe’s own Benjamin Warde has a 60-second (or less) video – this one’s on Sharpening with the View Mask feature (it’s way more helpful than it sounds). See, that’s pretty helpful now, right? … [Read more]

Process Version 4 Heads Up

Along with the name change to Lightroom Classic, we also got a new default Process Version (I addressed the new Process Version names previously), Process Version 4. The new Process Version (PV) is what enables the new Range Mask feature in the local … [Read more]

Happy Thanksgiving Lightroom Lovers Everywhere!

Today in the U.S. we celebrate Thanksgiving; a national holiday where we give thanks for the many blessings we enjoy (and I truly feel like the most blessed guy on earth). Our offices are closed today for the Holiday (whoo hoo!) as traditionally this … [Read more]

I had high hopes for today’s post, but alas…

…it was not to be. My hope was to do a post today with my photos from my recent trip to Lisbon, Portugal, and Morocco, but it’s 1:29 AM and I realize that while I have all the photos in place, I don’t have the full story together yet, and … [Read more]

Seeing Light

No time for an intro; this topic is way too important! One of the most important skills in photography is the ability to see light. It may sound stupid, perhaps even too obvious, but it’s a thing. It’s a thing that if you think you … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Austin Lord!

Photo by Nathan Rocky Let me first start by saying how grateful am for the opportunity to be featured on this blog. It’s always such an honor to be able to share what I have learned in the past three years of being a freelance photographer with other … [Read more]

Create a Surreal Snail with a Grassy Shell in Photoshop

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a fantasy scene featuring a little girl riding a snail. You’ll learn how to combine different stock photos and textures using a range of photo manipulation techniques. You’ll learn also … [Read more]

How to Create a Flying Angel Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Create this angelic photo manipulation using Smart Filters and drawing techniques! This tutorial will show you how to create a dramatic cloud background, add glowing wings to an angel, and add some particles. Preview of Final Results Tutorial … [Read more]

A New Name for Lightroom Mobile; Correction on Watermarking, and More!

Happy Monday, everybody! (I’m trying to put a decent spin on it being Monday, but ya know…it’s Monday). (1) Lightroom Mobile has a New Name Yup, if you go search the App Store or Google Play for Lightroom Mobile ya know what comes up … [Read more]

Four Tricks for Working With Video in Lightroom Classic

It’s Tuesday, and here’s a little video from Ben Warde where he packs in four awesome little tips into just 60-seconds: Benjamin Warde, rocks! I’m on my way to San Diego for my seminar tomorrow – looking forward to meeting … [Read more]

A JPG for Every Occasion

The ubiquitous and often underrated JPG (or JPEG as it is sometimes written) is an incredibly versatile file format in your Lightroom output arsenal. Knowing all the ways that Lightroom can create JPG versions of your photos is useful for keeping … [Read more]

Lightroom “Mobile” Decoder Ring (and a quote that concerns me from a UK mag)

Mornin’ everybody, and greetings from Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport (I’m between flights on a red-eye flight home from San Diego). At my seminar in San Diego on Wednesday, there were a number people who were … [Read more]

We Raised Over $18,000 For The Orphanage, But…

…we didn’t quite make it to our goal this year of raising $20,000 for the Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage, but…we’re almost there. Our total raised (so far) from the 10th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk is $18,429 (from donations from photo … [Read more]

Auto your ISO

Hey hey! It’s #TravelTuesday again here on and that means it’s time for this weeks #HybridDaveTuesdays post! This week I want to talk to you about my prior aversions to auto-ISO and how I overcame them. ISO stands for International … [Read more]

Big News: My Brand New Book “The Flash Book” Comes Out Today

Big news – my brand new book “The Flash Book” comes out today! Starting today it’s available in eBook format, ready to download right now (the print edition is already on press).  My publisher (Rocky Nook Publishing) is … [Read more]

How to Create a Conceptual Image of a Couple Jumping from High Cliffs in Photoshop

Learn how to create an retro styled image inspired by Surrealism. You will learn how to combine stock photos, Photoshop brushes, and textures to create a scene of a couple jumping to each other from two very high cliffs. You’ll also learn how to … [Read more]

How to Create an Emotional Soft-Tone Photo Manipulation

Create this emotional blue-tone photo manipualtion of a woman in a forest with flying petals. This tutorial uses few resources and will show you how to use techniques such as dodging and burning to create a dramatic look. Preview of Final Results … [Read more]

How To Get Rid of Lightroom Stuff When There’s No “Delete”

Greetings from Dallas, Texas (I’m here today for my Lightroom seminar). On Friday, I did a video on how to add a watermark when you export an image, and one of my readers asked “How do you remove old watermarks that you don’t use … [Read more]

Easily Update Multiple Adjust Brush Sliders

Benjamin’s back (it must be Tuesday, right?) with a 60-second or less tip on how to adjust multiple sliders at the same time, once you’ve already made an adjustment. Pretty handy little tip, right? Don’t forget to drop back in … [Read more]