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A New Lightroom Update (includes Canon 5D Mark IV Support) and Some New Tweaks

Ever since Canon’s 5D Mark IV started actually shipping, I’ve been heaving a steady stream of people asking “When is Lightroom going to supports the Mark IV?!” – Well, today’s the day (well, technically, yesterday) … [Read more]

What This Particular Lightroom Thumbnail Warning Badge Means (and what to do about it)

Hi gang – and happy Friday. OK, down to business. If you see that little warning icon up in the right corner of your thumbnail, that’s a Metadata warning, but it doesn’t mean your copyright info isn’t in there, or that your … [Read more]

My New “Lightroom Mobile” Book is Here – We’re 12 Days From The Photo Walk – and More!

You guys know I’m a big fan of Lightroom Mobile, and for the past few months I’ve been working on a Lightroom Mobile book, and I’m excited to announce it launches today! Here’s the link to pick up your copy: > Amazon (in … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Jeremy Cowart!

Photo by Branden Harvey When There’s More Than Photography In 2005, I made the cold-turkey switch from graphic designer to photographer. I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t even know what an f-stop was. But I was all-in and had found my … [Read more]

Adobe wants your thoughts on how often they should release Photoshop CC updates

Hi Gang, and greetings from the yummy cheese capital of the USA – Milwaukee, Wisconsin (here for my seminar today – looking forward to meeting everybody!). So, here’s the scoop (well, as it relates to Photoshop anyway). … [Read more]

Another Way To Edit a Video Clip In Lightroom

Hi gang: This is a follow-up to a post I did last week about using the Quick Develop panel in the Library module to edit a video clip (because the Develop module doesn’t support editing video). One of my readers here on the blog, filhalandilas, … [Read more]

Lightroom Mobile Update: Built-in Camera Now Shoots in RAW!

Big news out of Adobe today for iPhone and iPad users — on the heels of Apple announcing last week that iOS 10 will support Adobe’s .DNG raw format, Adobe released an update to Lightroom Mobile that lets you shoot RAW .DNG images with its … [Read more]

Unlocking The Power of the Adjustment Brush Online Course

Hi gang – if you’re looking to learn something really useful about Lightroom this weekend, I hope you’ll check out my KelbyOne in-depth online class on Unlocking The Power of Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush and related tools. I … [Read more]

How to Find Which Images Don’t Have Smart Previews (or vice versa)

Hi everybody, and a very happy Friday to you! If you want to quickly find out which images in your library don’t have Smart Previews (or, if you want to remove Smart Previews from your images to save space), here’s what ya do: STEP ONE: … [Read more]

Update On The Worldwide Photo Walk

We’re only 19-days away from the big day, and so I thought I’d give you a quick briefing on where we are to date: We have currently active photo walks in over 1,006 cities We have another 56 photo walks in draft mode, so the leader of … [Read more]

Sustaining Hope… A Guest Blog Post from Molly Waits @ Springs of Hope Kenya

First, I would like to thank Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk for again supporting Springs of Hope Kenya (SOHK) in giving hope to children who have no one—children that have been abandoned and abused or orphaned. This event has become crucial for … [Read more]

Photos From My 3-Day Photo Trip To Iceland

Hi Gang, and happy Friday! I finally I posted my images, and the story of the trip, over at (that’s the photo storytelling site I’ve been using for a few years now — it’s a wonderful way to share a trip like this). Here’s the … [Read more]

Happy Labor Day, Ya’ll

Comrades, today is Labor Day in the United States, and our offices are closed, so we’re taking today off here at the blog but I’ll be back on here tomorrow (and I have a pretty darn cool little Lightroom tip lined up fer ya). By the way: I looked up … [Read more]

Today at 2pm: My Iceland Landscape Experience

Today at 2:00 pm EDT I’m doing a Webcast for KelbyOne members all about my photo trip to Iceland last week. I’ll be covering: > Gear (everything from lenses, camera bag, tripod, bodies – you name it) > Camera Techniques > … [Read more]

Hidden Little ‘Reset Tip” For Lightroom’s Tone Curve

Remember this tip Matt posted back in 2007? No? Great — then if it’s new to you, it’s new! If you’re working with the Tone Curve and you want to reset the curve, or the sliders below the curve, forget about trying to drag them to … [Read more]

Happy Labor Day Everybody!

Today is Labor Day in the United States, and our offices are closed, so we’re taking today off here at the blog but I’ll be back on here tomorrow. By the way: I looked up Labor Day in WikiPedia, and here are a few interesting tidbits about this … [Read more]

Scott’s Top Five List Of Everything! (revisited)

Yesterday in my Twitter feed I saw this tweet: I thought it was a pretty intriguing idea (and I was curious myself to see how many of my picks would still be the same eight years later), so I went and updated it here today (below). I was happy to see … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Dave Clayton!

For as long as I can remember I have always loved anything in print, whether it be books, comics, magazines, brochures or pretty much any kind of printed ephemera. A life in design was always in the cards (I collected them too!) for me and I am glad … [Read more]

My Iceland Landscape Adventure Webcast Today

Today at 2:00 pm EDT I’m doing a Webcast for KelbyOne members all about my photo trip to Iceland last week. I’ll be covering: > Gear (everything from lenses, camera bag, tripod, bodies – you name it) > Camera Techniques … [Read more]

Let’s Do Something Really Worthwhile Today….

Every day now, it seems photographers around the world are ponying up money for a Kickstarter campaign to get some new piece of camera gear get made, or a new camera bag, or some obscure lens. Does the world really need another photo gadget? … [Read more]