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Nik Color Efex Pro 4 to MacPhun Luminar ‘Decoder Chart’

Happy Monday everybody! With the Nik Collection already dying for some users out there (here’s the link to my article) and Google publicly announcing that they are no longer supporting the Collection or updating it, I mentioned that I was … [Read more]

Editing a “Neutral Density Gradient” With a Brush (and when you might need to do this)

Happy Tuesday, yall. Benjamin Warde has a great Tuesday Lightroom Coffee Break tutorial (in less than 60-seconds) which shows when and why you might need to use the brush feature when adding a linear gradient to your image. Here goes: Thanks, … [Read more]

DIY hardware trick that gives you hardware control over Lightroom for less. MUCH less!

Hardware boards that give you control over Lightroom’s function with real knobs and sliders (instead of using a mouse, or your keyboard, a tablet, etc.) have become more and more popular recently, and a blogger named Crispian Thorne was looking … [Read more]

Part 2: Nik Color Efex Pro 4 to MacPhun Luminar Decoder

Back on Monday I did a post about which filters you’d use in MacPhun’s Luminar to get the looks we used to get in Nik ColorEfex Pro 4 (my go-to effects plug-in for years, until it started slowly dying on my, and many other folks, version … [Read more]

The Inspiring Story of how the Power of Photo Books Strikes Again

Above: My iPhone shot of Ann Wilson (lead singer of Heart) at the Capitol Theater on Saturday night. So, last Saturday night my big brother Jeff and his girlfriend Dee treated the wifey and me to a concert by Ann Wilson, lead singer of the classic … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Rob Foldy!

Photo by Cato Catoldo When The Little Moments Reveal The Bigger Picture Hello all, My name is Rob Foldy, and KelbyOne just released my new class Making Your Pee Wees Look Like Pros. In the class, I go over a lot of quick, easy tips that can take … [Read more]

The Photoshop Retoucher’s Secret Weapon

Hi gang, and happy Friday. I’ve got a video for you today from Adobe’s own photography and design evangelist Terry White, and this is a recording of a short (30 or so minutes) live stream webinar he did on Photoshop CC’s Liquify … [Read more]

How to Create This Amazing Artwork of a Great Enchantress in Photoshop

Learn how to this surreal photo manipulation of an Great Enchantress with Photoshop. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create your amazing atmosphere and adventure tales with realistic shadows and lighting, then complete it with a bleak … [Read more]

Create an Incredible Twilight Surreal Scene with Floating Islands

Create this magical twilight landscape with floating islands, a old sailboat, and a surreal moon background. This tutorial will teach you how to mix stock photos, apply filters to create a twilight scene, and even some matte painting basics! Preview … [Read more]

Nik Collection: The Bell Tolls For Thee…

Don’t know if you heard, but silently in the dark of night last week, Google snuck in and snuffed out the last flickering candle of hope that many longtime users of the Nik Collection of plug-ins (for Lightroom and Photoshop) had been clinging … [Read more]

Using Lightroom CC’s Reference View (in 60-seconds, or less)

Hey, it’s Tuesday, and Benjamin Warde is here with a “60-seconds or less” lesson on how to use this pretty handy little feature that Adobe snuck into Lightroom CC in the middle of the night a while back. Check it out: Pretty slick … [Read more]

Sharing a Lightroom Collection With Anybody (in five quick and easy steps)

OK, wanna share a collection with…well…anybody in just five really easy steps? (Note: the person you’re sharing this collection with, doesn’t have to have Lightroom, or an Adobe account, or anything like that — just a Web browser). … [Read more]

Seven More Handy Lightroom Shortcuts

This has been an awesome week, so let’s head into the weekend by learning some really helpful shortcuts for Quickly Getting Around in Lightroom. Here we go: (1) To hide all the panels (left, right, top and bottom) so you can focus just on your image, … [Read more]

Google Makes It Official: The Nik Collection is Dead (and my Q&A)

Hi, everybody. Sorry I missed out blogging on Friday – my wife and daughter flew up to New York City to meet me Friday morning (I was already up in NYC on business), and I got all caught up in that. We had a blast (saw two awesome shows: … [Read more]

More Photoshop Buried Treasure: Color Lookup Table Effects

Happy Tuesday everybody, and here’s another in my series of Photoshop buried treasure — this time it’s in the form of a little-known Adjustment Layer called “Color Lookup” and what Adobe did was hire a color expert to create … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Adam Elmakias!

We are photographers, we photograph a lot. That is our job, and it can lead to problems if you do not properly take care of yourself. Even if you are just a photographer that shoots occasionally, you can build up wrist … [Read more]

It’s “Moose Mania Friday!” (the Moose is loose!)

Happy Friday everybody! We were fortunate enough to have our dear friend and colleague, the one and only Moose Peterson in town this week at KelbyOne HQ (he was taping two online classes for our members), but we were also able to get him on … [Read more]

How to Composite a Destroyed City Scene and Retouch Characters in Photoshop

Here is a great way to create post-apocalyptic environment. This tutorial will show you how to composite your own scene with multiple photos and retouch characters by adding hair extensions and more. Try it out! Preview of Final Results Tutorial … [Read more]

Create a Mystical Night Forest Scene with an Angel

Learn how to create this mystical forest scene with a beautiful angel reading a book. This fantasy photo manipulation tutorial will teach you how to turn a forest photo into a night forest scene with shafts of light, create an angle by adding really … [Read more]

Lightroom Tutorial Basic Editing

Basic steps to editing this image in Lightroom.Define the square cropIncrease vibrancy and saturation subtlyAdd cool blue tones to both shadows and highlights using the split tone paletteAdd light with a central radial gradient filter, also add a … [Read more]