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Lightroom Tip: Putting Your Images “On The Map”

Happy Monday everybody — It’s going to be a great week! (I’ll be up in Minneapolis on Friday with my full-day Lightroom Seminar — hope I’ll get you to meet you there). If you want to Organize your images using the Map module, but … [Read more]

Lightroom Quick Tip: Hiding Modules

Happy Wednesday everybody! Here’s a quick for hiding modules you don’t ever use. For example, let’s say you don’t ever find yourself using the Web Module, or perhaps the Maps module or Slideshow module. If that’s the … [Read more]

I Found a New Source For V-Flats

Hi gang. I’m happy to report that last weekend I found a new source for V-flats here in the US, and the price is right and you can find them in 65 locations (mostly in the Central and Northeast, South, and everywhere out West), and when I show … [Read more]

Create an Hourglass in Photoshop

Learn how to create a realistic hourglass with Photoshop only. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create your own hourglass, add realistic shadows and lighting, then complete it with custom sand and wood texture. Throughout the tutorial, … [Read more]

The Grim Reapers Side Job

Learn how to create this eerie photo manipulation of the Grim Reaper’s side job – mowing! This simple tutorial is great for beginner photo manipulators and will show you how to quickly combine photos, warp them into your scene, and add a cold blue … [Read more]

Lightroom Smart Previews Q&A (Follow up to Friday’s post)

Hi gang, and welcome back to another week here on earth. It’s gonna be a great one! Today I thought I’d to a brief Lightroom Smart Preview Q&A as a follow-up to some of the questions posted here (and elsewhere) about working with … [Read more]

Get Quicker Access to Lightroom Mobile’s Camera On Your Phone

It’s Tuesday, and Benjamin Warde is here with a great little tip on how to add Lightroom Mobile to your Apple or Android notification screen, so you can get faster access to its quite awesome built-in camera. Take a look (it’s less than … [Read more]

Dear Adobe: Can You Add This Button? (and my new Lightroom course)

OK, what’s missing from this dialog you see every day when you quit Lightroom. You guessed it — a “Cancel” button. If you ever accidentally close a window or Quit and change your mind, there’s nothing you can do but let it … [Read more]

Photoshop Tip: What To Do If Your Tools Are All Screwed Up

Hi gang, and happy Monday. It’s going to be a great week! :) Just a quick tip today, but the thing I’m going to show you is pretty hidden, and you’d use it when a tool starts behaving differently than it usually does. You might have … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Bella Kotak!

Photo by John Schell My 5 Essentials For An Outdoor Location Shoot Spring is officially underway and with it, a flurry of photoshoots among the beautiful flowering nature. It’s that time of year when shooting outside is comfortable, and the evening … [Read more]

Behind the Scenes From a One Light Portrait Shoot

Hi everybody and happy Friday. I was taping a segment to a new class I’m doing — a follow-up to my “Just One Flash” called (wait for it…wait for it…) “Just one more flash.” Anyway, when the taping was over, I wanted to … [Read more]

How to Add a Mermaid to a Dark Bleak Landscape

Have you ever wanted to create those stark and dramatic landscapes? In this tutorial you’ll learn how to combine different stock photos and lighting styles to create dramatic, movie like photo manipulation. Let’s get started! Preview of … [Read more]

Create a Fantastic Photo Manipulation of a Dark Monk

Learn how to do this dark photo manipulation of monk on a stony landscape with Photoshop. This tutorial will teach you how to merge completely different stock photos into dark-themed composite with matching light. You will also learn how to draw … [Read more]

How to Import Directly Into a Lightroom Collection

Hi Gang – it’s ‘Tuesdays with Benjamin” and this time his 60-second (or less) tip is how to save time by importing directly into a Lightroom Collection. Good stuff! Thanks, Benjamin! Hope you found that helpful! See ya … [Read more]

The Trick To Cloning Objects From Right Inside Lightroom

When we want to clone an object, we generally just jump over to Photoshop and do it there, but here’s a technique that will let you do simply cloning talks (like duplicating an object, or moving an object), all right within Lightroom itself. … [Read more]

Five Reasons Why Lightroom Smart Previews Rock!

Hi gang, and happy Cinco de Mayo. Today’s post is inspired by a question I get asked a lot when I’m out there teaching, and that is “Should I be using Smart Previews?” or “Why should I be using Smart Previews?” or … [Read more]

Thank You 5-Million Times :-)

It was during the conference wrap-up at Photoshop World, just after Larry Becker’s presentation of the Guru Awards, and I’m sitting backstage when my show director told me it was time to get ‘mic’d up” for my closing comments to the crowd. I headed … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Matthew DeFeo!

Photo by Jason Menon Wet Plate A Hundred And Sixty Six Year Old Photo Process Number one question I get on a weekly basis.. What goes into a typical wet plate shoot? Well, I’m about to walk you through what wet plate collodion is, and what I do when … [Read more]

Will You Be The Next Featured Artist in “The Gallery at KelbyOne?”

Above: Some images from our gallery opening for KelbyOne member, and the first artist featured in “The Gallery at KelbyOne,” photographer Mark Wegner (seen in the top left image). Wednesday on ‘The Grid” Kalebra announced some … [Read more]