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Lightroom Adjustment Brush Tips for Beginners

Here’s a few quick shortcuts for using the Adjustment Brush for those of you just getting into Lightroom (or if you’ve been using Lightroom for a while, maybe you forgot about these, or never knew these existed, or just wanted a … [Read more]

Understanding the Lightroom Classic to Photoshop Workflow

Understanding the basics of how to take your photos from Lightroom Classic (works the same in earlier versions of Lightroom Classic too) to Photoshop and back again (and possibly back and forth more than once) can reduce frustration and increase … [Read more]

Lightroom “From Flat to Fabulous” Tutorial (with downloadable RAW practice file)

Download this RAW image and follow along as we go from the RAW image straight out of the camera to the final image, learning how it’s all done every step of the way (this is a perfect tutorial to do this weekend, or ya know, tonight). But … [Read more]

Call for Entries: KelbyOne/Lexar Architectural Photo Competition

Hi, gang, and greetings from a really chilly Nashville (I’m here for PPA’s Imaging USA conference & expo. Great show – lots of good energy. You can catch my show coverage over on my twitter page or watch live show floor tours on … [Read more]

Influencing for cash

#HybridDaveTuesdays has landed again! Straight into the flow this week, as it connects to last weeks post.. here goes! We’ve all scrolled through Instagram and seen, usually 4th post from the top, a sponsored post. These paid ads end up there … [Read more]

Guest Blog: Architectural Photographer Justin Van Leeuwen!

Photo by Rémi Thériault How I Went From Taking Photos Of Nothing To Award-Winning Architecture & Interior Photos Unlike a lot of photographers with a clear vision of their style and a desire to specifically shoot a certain kind of subject, I’ve … [Read more]

If You Hate Your Flash, I’ll Bet It’s Because….

…you’re using TTL (Thru The Lens metering). I know, I know, all the flash manufacturers love to talk about TTL in their marketing pieces, and it’s touted as a miracle fix-all for new flash users. But in my honest opinion, I think … [Read more]

How to Create an Awesome Fiery Grim Reaper by Combining Images

We will create an intense and grim death manipulation using blending modes and other techniques. The tutorial it is easy to follow and can be completed even by complete beginners. Be aware of my use of blending modes in order to quickly achieve … [Read more]

How to Take Advantage of Lightroom’s Targeted Adjustment Tool

This tool is so awesome, but it’s also kind of hidden, and so a lot of folks don’t take advantage of it. Well, you can start 2018 unleashing this bad boy thanks to this quick 60-second video from Adobe’s own Benjamin Warde: Thanks, … [Read more]

Understanding the History and Snapshots Panels: Part 2

Picking up from last week’s post, the History and Snapshots panel share some common traits. If you expand the Navigator panel you can hover your cursor over a history step or a snapshot and see the Navigator panel preview change to reflect the … [Read more]

Seven More Really Handy Lightroom Shortcuts

It’s Friday; the weekend’s almost here, so let’s kick it off by learning some really helpful shortcuts for Lightroom’s Library Module. Here we go: (1) Press ‘t’ to toggle the toolbar at the bottom of the thumbnail grid … [Read more]

The Best Guest Posts of 2017

It’s my annual tradition to kick off the New Year with a look back at the best posts of the previous year. Today we’re honoring my picks for “Best Guest Posts of 2017” 2017 was a stellar year for Guest bloggers. I thought 2016 was … [Read more]

Stock Stream

Happy #TravelTuesday one and all! It’s that time of week again – kicking off 2k18 with #HybridDaveTuesdays right here on I’m going to impart some knowledge I’ve picked up from my journey in stock photography with an aim to help any of … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Mark Carruthers!

Indian Summer was officially over. Snow was in the forecast and 3 to 5 inches were expected in the Philadelphia area with game time temperatures hovering around 30 degrees. The 118th meeting of Army vs Navy @ Lincoln Financial Field would be vastly … [Read more]

5 Quick Bits of News

Rob Foldy Is Getting Married Tomorrow! That’s right, my buddy, Sports Photographer, KelbyOne Instructor, Miami Marlins Team Photographer, Frequent Grid Guest, and all over SupaLuva Rob Foldy is settling down with a wonderful gal, late tomorrow … [Read more]

Understanding the History and Snapshots panels: Part 1

One of Lightroom’s greatest strengths is the fact that it stores all the work you do in its catalog file and never changes the pixel data in the source photos. Having all of that data on hand gives you a tremendous amount of freedom and flexibility … [Read more]

The 2018 Lightroom Calendar Templates Are Here!

Well, by here I mean over at Ed Weaver’s site (Ed has been making these presets since 2010 and sharing them with the Lightroom community for free, which I think is awfully cool of Ed). Head on over to Ed’s site now (here’s the link) to download … [Read more]

Shooting The Outback Bowl. Well, kinda…

Well, I was at the Outback Bowl, and I did shoot some football, but that wasn’t my main gig. I hope you’ll take a moment to check out my images and the full story behind how I wound up shooting at the Outback Bowl, by clicking this link.  … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Trever Hoehne!

Quite an honor to be back here on Scott’s guest blog! It’s amazing how time flies… this will be my 10th year as a working photographer in the fashion industry. And although I would love to say that in that time I have figured it all out…. the … [Read more]