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One Click Chromatic Aberration Removal in Lightroom

Hi, gang – if you see those nasty pink/purple or green lines around the edges of your image, especially visible sometimes after you apply some serious post-processing, you may be able to get rid of it with just one click (especially if … [Read more]

How to Have Your Lightroom Side Panels Auto-Hide To Give You More Viewing Space

You will either love this feature, or absolutely hate it, but either way, Benjamin Warde shows you how to use it in less than 60-seconds so you won’t have a lot invested if you decide it’s not for you. Thanks, Benjamin (and don’t … [Read more]

Customize Your Default Develop Settings

Lightroom has a set of default processing settings that are applied to all raw photos after import. These default settings control everything applied to your raw photos from the moment the start. Did you know that you can customize those settings to … [Read more]

Using the White Balance Eyedropper? Here’s How to See a Live Preview

Here’s one from “The Vault” — it a handy quick tip for beginner’s (but again, this one might have slipped past even a few more advanced users because it’s not really obvious), but it’s how to get a live preview of … [Read more]

A Limited Number of my Prints Are Now Available

I’m very excited to announce that a limited number of my prints are now available through Photographic Fine Art Gallery YellowKorner, both in their 75+ galleries around the world (including galleries here in the US in California, New York, … [Read more]

The Sunrise Challenge

Well, hello there! It’s #TravelTuesday here at Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider and I’ve just completed a mission and a half! Let me tell you about it! I’m currently running a challenge and I want you to get involved. … [Read more]

Guest Blog: Photographer & Photoshop Addict Gilmar Smith

Last time I wrote a post here, I was seven months pregnant, on bed rest, and stuffing my face with tiramisu ice cream. A lot has happened since then; I didn’t have any idea what life had in store for me. I lost my fiancé a year after our baby was … [Read more]

New Class: How To Make Beautiful Prints In Lightroom Classic

How To Make Beautiful Prints In Lightroom Classic with Scott Kelby Fall deeper in love with printing! Join Scott Kelby as he takes you through all the steps for creating beautiful prints in Lightroom. Lightroom has an amazing print engine, and once … [Read more]

Travel Photographers: Looking For Places To Visit This Summer?

Hi, gang and greetings from the Homewood Suites here in Lansing, Michigan (here for my seminar tomorrow). First, a big shout-out to the 250+ photographers who spent the day with me yesterday in Raleigh, North Carolina — we had such a great time. … [Read more]

Differences Between Photoshop and Lightroom: Your Top Questions Answered

In the past few decades or so the creation of digital photo editing has created a brand new form of art. Now, photographers and even weekend hobbyists are able to bring a sense of professionalism to their art like never before. No longer do we have … [Read more]

Create a Surreal Artwork of a Tree with Moons in Photoshop

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a surreal moon artwork using different photo manipulation techniques. You’ll learn how to combine stock photos, change the time from day to night, work with lighting and more. We’ll start … [Read more]

These Photoshop Actions Convert Photos into Pixel Art

Turn any photo or graphic into pixel art like those seen in retro console games. Unlike Photoshop’s Mosaic filter, these actions organize pixels with patterns that resemble pixel art (see an example in the product images). The free download … [Read more]

It’s “Back-up Your Lightroom Catalog” Monday!

Today’s the day! It’s July 2nd and we’re going into this next half of the year knowing that we started it right by backing up our Lightroom catalog and we’ll all be sleeping better tonight night for it. While the process of … [Read more]

The Awesomeness of Lightroom’s Guided Upright Feature

This is one of my favorite’s from Benjamin Warde’s “Lightroom Coffee Break” series — this is such an easy feature to use, but I think a lot of folks feel like it might be too complex. So easy — you’re gonna love it (and … [Read more]

Technology Previews Come to Lightroom CC on Mobile

We’ve had the option to enable what Adobe calls, Technology Previews (aka beta testing new features), in Lightroom CC on the web for a while now, but with the June 2018 update for the Lightroom family of apps, tech previews were extended to … [Read more]

Want to Take Great Photos of Tonight’s Fireworks? Here’s How!

Yesterday we did a special Holiday episode of The Grid all about how to take great fireworks shots. Erik (the real Rocket Man) Kuna and I cover everything from the gear to the techniques to the post-processing in Photoshop and Lightroom and lots of … [Read more]

How to Open RAW Files From Your New Camera in an Older Version of Lightroom

I got this question a few weeks ago, and I thought I’d cover it here today. I have been using LR4 for many years I like it because I’m used to it. I shoot with Canon 5D3 and have purchased a backup body a Canon 7D2 but come to find out … [Read more]

Photos From My Trip to Norway

Well, the images are mostly from Norway’s Lofoten islands, but if you’ve never been, I hope this makes you add them to your travel list. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen without a doubt. Here’s the … [Read more]

Which one are you?

Hey there! Happy #TravelTuesday one and all! Since it’s nearly July 4th in the States, it’s just been Canada Day, it’s not raining (for once) here in London, and, hopefully, the rest of the world is loving life, too, and everyone is … [Read more]

Guest Blog: Product/Still Life Photographer Tom Medvedich

The Gary Vee Quote That Changed My Life It’s been four years since my last Guest Blog– wow, does time fly! A lot has changed for me since 2014. I went from shooting personal projects in my mom’s garage in Jersey, to getting my first real studio in … [Read more]