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The Most Useful Button in Lightroom!

It was Matt Kloskowski who originally tagged it with that name here on Lightroom Killer Tips, and I think he was spot on. Well, maybe it should be “The Most Useful Button in Lightroom?” (with a question mark instead) because while … [Read more]

Painting Your Photos with Information

The often-overlooked Painter tool can be a real time saver when working with large groups of photos in Grid view of the Library module. I always find myself forgetting about the Painter tool, then I come up against a project where I need to scroll … [Read more]

Thinking of Finally Learning Lightroom Mobile? Here’s My Best Tip…

OK, well now technically it’s called “Lightroom CC” in the App Store, so if you go searching for Lightroom Mobile there (it’s still free by the way), it’ll bring up Lightroom CC instead — they’re they same thing. … [Read more]

Spark Stories – 7 killer tips

Heads up! I’ve rebranded somewhat – I was using the guise Hybrid Dave and have switched it all over now to Capture with Dave. You’ll find me by using the handle @capturewithdave across all platforms, and at I’m still the … [Read more]

Guest Blog: Humanitarian Photographer Gary S. Chapman

Gary and his wife Vivian often work together on assignment. Photo by @jerseystyle_photography I’d like to introduce you to a few ordinary people doing some extraordinary things. These are people that have zero followers on social media and will … [Read more]

It’s “Back-up Your Photos Friday”

Go Back Up Your Photos. Right Now! On a regular basis I get an email or Facebook message with another heartbreaking story from a photographer who didn’t have a back-up of their photos, and they lost every photo they had taken in the last few years, … [Read more]

New Class: Unlocking the Power of Capture One

Unlocking the Power of Capture One with Clay Rasmussen Join Clay Rasmussen to learn how to get up and running with Capture One. From live tethered capture to powerful image editing through output, Capture One is a one-stop-shop photography workflow … [Read more]

My Portrait “Finishing Move” in Lightroom

Hi Gang (and Happy Monday). I’ve talked about this one before, but recently I’ve had some questions about how I finish off portraits, so I thought I’d share this technique again. It’s not  some earth-shattering Lightroom … [Read more]

Great Trick For “Micro” Adjustments in Lightroom

Benjamin Warde has an awesome, quick little tip on how to get finer adjustments in the Basic panel (you will dig this, if it’s not one of those things you’d probably figure out on your own, so…here ya go). Pretty slick, right? Thanks, … [Read more]

Keeping Lightroom Classic’s Files in Check: Part 2

Wrapping up last week’s post with some more tips for keeping Classic in control. Managing Import Backup Copies We left off last we speaking of automated back up processes that are left to the user to manage, the Make a Second Copy To option in … [Read more]

How To Use Your Lightroom Classic Presets in Lightroom CC (cloud-version)

Hi, gang. How ’bout a quick one-question Q&A? Great! Here goes: Q. Is there any way to use the Presets I created in Lightroom Classic, over in the new cloud-storage based Lightroom CC? A. Wow, I’m glad you asked, and the answer is … [Read more]

Is This Simple Mistake Killing Your Portraits?

You’ve got a nice looking subject, with some fun accessories and an interesting blouse, and still you wound up with a really crappy picture. That’s because the background stinks. Although we’re focused on the subject when … [Read more]

The Value of You

Thanks for coming by. It’s #HybridDaveTuesdays here at once again, and this week to keep in theme with the money-related posts from the past few weeks, I’m going to cap it off with one more – the value of you! My … [Read more]

Guest Blog: Filmmaker & Creative Producer Chris Hershman

Don’t Wait To Create We all have great potential. It’s my belief that we’re all capable of more. I want to share my thoughts on how to achieve more than you thought you could handle. ? I can’t stress how important it is to try your best to keep … [Read more]

It’s “Drone Love” Day on the Blog

Happy Friday, everybody, but here on the blog it’s also “Drone Love Day.” I have the dji Mavic Air drone already on order, but sadly mine has not come in yet, but ya know who’s drone not only came in, but he already made an … [Read more]

New Class: Mastering The Natural Light Portrait

Mastering The Natural Light Portrait with Scott Kelby Join professional photographer Scott Kelby as he teaches you how to shoot with natural light. You’ll walk through an entire shoot from planning to post processing. Scott discusses his go-to lenses … [Read more]

Indesign Calendar Template

I have recently helped produce this new Adobe Indesign calendar template. It is a perfect DIY solution for making a photo calendar. Simply add your own photos and your are ready to print your own wall calendar. This free photo calendar template has a … [Read more]

Lightroom Adjustment Brush Trick For “Turning On The Lights”

Before we get to today’s tip, I have some terribly sad news to share. Winston Hendrickson, Adobe’s VP of Engineering for Lightroom and Photoshop passed away this weekend after a tough year-long battle with cancer. He was a dear friend, a … [Read more]

Making Sure You Don’t Miss Any Dust Spots On Your Image

This is such a great tip – I used to show this one in the Photoshop World “Lightroom Killer Tips” live session. You can also use this in conjunction with the Visualize Spots feature – another super-helpful tip from Benjamin … [Read more]

Keeping Lightroom Classic’s Files in Check: Part 1

As Lightroom Classic users we focus on the job it does with our photos, both in terms of managing them and processing them, but it is worth taking a moment to think about the footprint the Classic-related files leave on our computers, which when left … [Read more]