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New Class: Hands On With The Canon EOS R

Hands On With The Canon EOS R: Everything You Need To Know To Get Great Shots with Scott Kelby and Larry Becker Join Larry Becker to learn the ins and outs of the amazing Canon EOS R! Whether you just picked one up or are thinking about adding one to … [Read more]

It’s Adobe MAX Keynote Day! Could We Get Photoshop & Lightroom Updates?

Hi, gang and greetings from Los Angeles where this morning Adobe will take the stage for their huge annual conference, Adobe MAX 2018 — held this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I’m very excited to be teaching at the conference this … [Read more]

Blue sells!

I’m Dave Williams, and it’s time for another dose of knowledge to land here on Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider for #TravelTuesday. This week, that knowledge ties in with the first of my 10 tips that appear in the recent “19th Annual … [Read more]

Guest Blog: Non-profit Founder, Photography Teacher, and Creative Activist Kate Gazaway

Rama Cay, Nicaragua. 2013. When did you fall in love with photography? Can you remember the moment of perfect cohesion when your brain and heart infused the clunky object in your hand and the wild world was captured through a lens? It stirred … [Read more]

New Class: How To Get The Cinematic Look From Your Drone Photography

How To Get The Cinematic Look From Your Drone Photography with Dave Williams Learn how to translate techniques from movies into your drone footage for a cinematic look with Dave Williams! Dave travels the world shooting with all types of cameras, and … [Read more]

Thank you, Adobe — For The Little Things…

I’m just back from teaching at the Adobe MAX Conference in Los Angeles. An incredible event, in scope, scale and how Adobe pulls it off. Really something special to experience (and thanks to all the folks who came out to my sessions). During … [Read more]

What’s New in Photoshop CC 2019

Photoshop CC 2019 brings you the new Frame tool, Content-Aware Fill workspace, and Symmetry Mode for the brush tool. There’s also a heck lot of small improvements. This video by Denny’s Tips will show you everything you need to know about … [Read more]

Lightroom Classic Beginner’s Tip: Getting Rid of the Text Overlay

Hi, gang and happy Monday from Halstatt, Austria — one of the most fairytale cities I’ve ever visited. Today we’ve got a beginner tip but one I see folks using a lot, and when I ask them if they like having this text overlaying their … [Read more]

Adobe Camera Raw for Lightroom Classic Users: Part 2

My post last week was intended to get Classic user’s up to speed with the ACR interface, and some scenarios for when you might encounter it in your workflow. This week I’ll wrap up with a look at some of ACR’s other functions, as … [Read more]

Lightroom Classic’s Hidden “Swipe Between Images” Feature

If you’re using Lightroom Classic on a Laptop (or you have a separate trackpad or even mouse with a scroll wheel) check this out — you can quickly scroll through your images by swiping with your finger right to left on your trackpad. See the … [Read more]

Capture on the Go with Lightroom CC by Pollyanna Macchiano

Image credit: Adobe Stock/determined Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk Day? is back at it again this year, engaging thousands of photographers around the globe in pursuit of adventure and local photo ops. Before venturing out, you’ll need to … [Read more]

Epic Friendships

It’s #TravelTuesday again, so right here on Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider, that means only one thing…I’m back! I’m Dave Williams, and I’m here to lay down some wisdom! Well, today, I’ve decided the subject … [Read more]

Guest Blog: Commercial and Editorial Portrait Photographer Nicol Biesek

On My Birthday, I Am Deleting My Instagram as a Gift to Myself. When I was approached by Brad to be featured on this guest blog a few months ago (back in June to be exact) I had a whole different set of ideas for what I wanted to talk about to a … [Read more]

Upload Your Best Image From The Photo Walk For The Photo Walk Photo Competition

If you haven’t uploaded your best image from this past weekend’s Worldwide Photo Walk, now’s the time. Pick that one best image from your shoot – Upload it at the site (more on that in a moment), and you’re entered. Entering … [Read more]

Fighting Crime with Photoshop

Fighting crime with photoshop is indeed very effective and efficient. Cameras and digital imaging have become an integral part of our daily life and society. These cameras are easily carried in pockets, high-definition cameras easily built into … [Read more]

Using slow shutter speeds to create movement

How to use slow shutter speeds. As humans we are designed to always be moving, whether it's a twitch or a flat out sprint our bodies never stop. Recently I've been re-discovering the art of capturing movement with my camera. To be honest it's not … [Read more]

How To See Your Imported Images Fast in Lightroom Classic

I’m back from my travel photography workshop in Rome (an awesome group of folks – had a blast, missed a bunch of blog posts during sorry ’bout that), but glad to back and in the saddle again. Here we go: Above: To see the thumbnails … [Read more]

Editing in Lightroom Classic’s ‘Reference View’

If you just read that, and thought, “What’s Reference View?” then this short video from Benjamin Warde is for you! Thanks, Benjamin! Only 4-days ’til the Worldwide Photo Walk It’s not too late to join a walk near you … [Read more]

Adobe Camera Raw for Lightroom Classic Users

Before there was Lightroom (Classic), we had Photoshop, Bridge, and the Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) plug-in that formed the foundation to many photographer’s digital imaging workflow. In the 10+ years since Lightroom’s debut I think it is safe to say that … [Read more]

Issue 44 of Lightroom Magazine Is Now Available

Issue 44 of Lightroom Magazine is now available for KelbyOne Pro members on the KelbyOne site and on the KelbyOne Mags app for iOS and Android. In this issue, learn how white balance can be used to correct the color in your images or to creatively … [Read more]