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Lightroom Timesaver For Creating Composites in Photoshop

Hi, gang and greetings from what will be a very windy, rainy, yucky Florida in a day or so (needless to say, we’re watching the storm very carefully and preparing as much as we can, but at this point, there’s only so much we can do. … [Read more]

It’s Here! Moose Peterson’s Incredible Book on Aviation Photography: ‘Takeoff’

It’s one of the most long-awaiting books of its kind, and we’re so excited it’s finally here (and in bookstores right now), it’s Moose Peterson’s ‘Takeoff: The Alpha to Zulu of Aviation Photography’ — an … [Read more]

The Perfect Lens for Travel Photography

Above: me traveling light in Italy’s Dolomites – minimum gear packed into a minimum sized rental car.  Recently I’ve had a flood of emails, texts, Facebook comments, direct messages — you name it — about which is the best lens to … [Read more]

How to Create a Beautiful Audio App User Interface

This tutorial will show you how to create your own music interface that lets you manage songs on your device, whether it’s a phone, computer or a tablet. By learning few cool design tricks you can bring your own interface ideas to life. This … [Read more]

How to Create a Marvellous Night Landscape with Waterfalls

Create an atmospheric mountainous landscape with this Photoshop tutorial! You’ll learn how to create any own mountain scenes by combining several photos together, add a bridge with lanterns, color balance images, dodge & burn, and many other … [Read more]

Setting Up Borderless (edge-to-edge) Printing in Lightroom

This is one of those questions that I get asked on a regular basis — how to get your image to print all the way to the edge of the page with no white border around the photo. Seems like it should be an easy one-click thing, but there’s a bit … [Read more]

Finding People Without Keywording

You need to watch Benjamin’s Warde Tip today because it’s WAY more helpful than it sounds (and he shares the tip, like always, in less than 60-seconds). Really good stuff! Really helpful, right? Thanks, Benjamin!!! Hope you have a great … [Read more]

Photo Renaming Options in Lightroom

File renaming may be one of the more mundane tasks in a digital photography workflow, but it’s a critical component to managing your digital assets. Lightroom’s file renaming function is powerful and customizable. Let’s look at all the … [Read more]

Cool Little Lightroom Radial Tool Tip

Check this out: Above: Get the radial cool; lower the exposure a bit (here I took it down to -1.66), then drag it out over your image like you see here. It makes a circle (or an oval depending on how you drag). So far, so good. Above: Here’s … [Read more]

How to Protect Your Most Precious Photos

Happy Monday, everybody. I’m going to tackle a question I get asked a lot while out on my seminar tour, and even though it sounds like a simple one, I think it’s an important one. The question is along these lines: Q. I’ve heard … [Read more]

#Everything You Need To Know About Hashtags on Instagram

#Love #Me—two of the current top three hashtags on Instagram. Perhaps that follows suit with what many of the population think of hashtags being overused as narcissistic, vain, attention-grabbing props, but let me tell you that that isn’t … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Steve Brazill of the Behind The Shot Podcast!

Five Lessons Learned from Hosting the Behind The Shot Podcast First things first, thanks to Scott and Brad for having me as a guest here, a blog I have read so many times over the years. My name is Steve Brazill. I’m a Southern California based music … [Read more]

There’s a Snake on My Pedal Board (and other weird stuff that happened this week)

Terror in Scott’s Garage!!! This morning we get back from driving our daughter to school and when I step out of the car in our garage I glance down at my guitar pedal board (I keep a small amp and my pedal board in the garage), and something … [Read more]

How to Create a Mystic Lady Photo Manipulation

Learn how manipulate a regular portrait photo into a mystic lady photo manipulation! This Photoshop tutorial will teach you the steps to retouching skin, adding eye and lip makeup, warping a gown over the subject, and finishing it up with many … [Read more]

Quick Tip: How to Create a Triangle Pixelation Effect in Photoshop

Photoshop makes it easy to pixelate with the mosaic filter but it’s boring and overused. Thankfully, there’s an easy trick that lets you pixelate using triangles instead of squares! This tutorial is incredibly easy so give it a try. Final Results … [Read more]

How to Make Multi-Photo Layouts For Social Media in Lightroom

Hi, everybody! I’m back from a weeklong barnstorming seminar tour on the West Coast, and I had so much fun! Met lots of great folks who read this blog daily; saw some old friends, and make some new ones. It’s so much fun teaching … [Read more]

A 23-second Lightroom Tip I Bet Ya Didn’t Know

Benjamin Warde is awesome, and this little quick tip, on Deselecting in the Grid, is better than you think, more useful than it sounds, and faster than anything! That’s 23-seconds well spent, right? Thanks, Benjamin! Hope you have a great … [Read more]

Do You Know Where Your Catalog Is?

One of the most important things a Lightroom user should know is the location of where his or her working catalog is stored on his or her system. Now there’s no shame if you don’t know, because its location is pretty transparent when you … [Read more]

What Happens If Cancel Your Lightroom CC Subscription?

I had this question last week at one of my seminars from someone who wanted to make the jump to CC (he was on Lightroom 5), but he was concerned about getting locked out of everything if he didn’t like it and wanted to cancel down the road. So … [Read more]

Shooting Today’s Solar Eclipse, Photo Walk Update, and Other Stuff

Hi everybody – I’m back from a whirlwind trip out West – three seminars in one week (LA seen above, San Francisco & Seattle), plus a talk at the Canon Experience Center in Costa Mesa.  Had a really fun time, and met some really … [Read more]