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How to be the BEST travel photographer

My genre is travel, and I’ve spent years perfecting travel photography and learning the best ways to shoot travel. This week, I’m not going to share my killer tips with you on how to take better travel photos, but I’ll tell you how … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Dickie Pelham!

Let me introduce myself. I have been the Chief Sports Photographer of The Sun Newspaper in London, England for the last 29 years. It’s my job to fill the sports pages of the UK’s best selling newspaper, with over 1.6 million papers sold daily and … [Read more]

I’ve Been Sharing Lots of Behind-The-Scenes Shots From Shoots

Mornin’, everybody! Not sure if you’re following me over on my Facebook page, but I’ve been sharing lots of behind-the scenes shots from shoots over there, along with all the lighting set-ups and camera settings. They’re … [Read more]

Quick Tip: Easily Add Cartoon Color and Shading to Lineart

Ask any cartoonist what they’re least favorite part of creating comics and they’ll all tell you its adding color. It is dreadfully tedious and time consuming. But not anymore. In this short tutorial, you’ll learn how to quickly add color … [Read more]

How to Create an Amazing Watercolor Artwork in Photoshop

Create this spring-inspired abstract photo manipulation by Jenny Le! This tutorial will show you how to combine stock photos and splatter brushes together, apply textures, and more. Preview of Final Results Tutorial Resources Model Paper 1 Paper 2 … [Read more]

Are You Backing Up Your Lightroom Catalog?

I’m not talking about backing up your photos (that’s a completely a separate topic), I’m talking about backing up your database of edits and organization (known as your Lightroom catalog). Here’s why backing up your catalog is … [Read more]

Choosing Where Your Sync’d Images From LR Mobile Your Phone are Stored on Your Desktop Computer

Greetings from San Francisco (I’m here for my seminar tomorrow, but today I’m at Adobe HQ meeting with some of the Lightroom Team). Speaking of the Lightroom team (how’s that for a segue?) here’s Lightroom team member Benjamin … [Read more]

Make a Second Copy To?

A potentially useful, though often misunderstood feature of the Import screen, is the Make a Second Copy To checkbox located in the File Handling panel. The useful part is the automated copying of the memory card to a second drive. The misunderstood … [Read more]

How to Remove Purple and/or Green Fringe (Chromatic Aberrations) in Lightroom

Greetings from beautiful Seattle, where today I’m wrapping up the last Lightroom seminar in my week-long West Coast visit. I’ve had such a great time so far – seeing lots of familiar faces and making new friends along the way. … [Read more]

The Challenge of Evaluating Your Own Images

It’s one of the hardest things we have to do as photographers — to look at our work and decide whether it’s a good image or not. Is it good enough to put in my portfolio? Good enough to share with my photo club? Good enough to put on … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Dalton Hamm!

In January 1927, the first ever color photograph taken underwater appeared in National Geographic. The picture introduces us to a hogfish living it up in the Florida Keys, and underwater flash photography was born. Photographer Charles Martin, with … [Read more]

7 Tips for Shooting the Eclipse

Millions of Homes in America Will Go Dark Monday Afternoon, Are you ready? guest post by Erik Kuna Seriously, unless you’ve been living underneath a rock in the U.S.A (which might not be a bad thing lately) you know that there’s a total solar eclipse … [Read more]

How to Create a Surreal Flying Brain Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Combine stock images and use a combination of blending/lighting techniques to create this surreal flying brain in Photoshop! This tutorial will show you how to create your own background using multiple photos, blend images together, and apply a … [Read more]

Create an Underwater Scene of a Giant Goldfish in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will create a cool underwater scene with a big fish. We will use some basic selection tools and adjustments to achieve a great result. Preview of Final Results Tutorial Resources Sky (Alternative) Moon Underwater Fish Plants Pack … [Read more]

When To Hit Lightroom’s Auto Tone Button

Hey, before we get to today’s tip, I just wanted to mention that today I announced my ’10th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk™” – the full details are at this link – hope you can join us this year (the official date is … [Read more]

Building a Catalog Dashboard

Following up on my post from last week on copyright status, here’s another tip on the use of smart collections to help you manage your catalog over time. In that post I mentioned what I call my “Catalog Dashboard,” which is simply a … [Read more]

5 Smart Collection Ideas

Happy Friday, everybody! This coming week I’ll be teaching my Lightroom seminars in LA (Monday), San Francisco (Wednesday), and Seattle (Friday). It’s not too late to come spend the day with me digging deep into Lightroom. Anyway, this is … [Read more]

Announcing my “10th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk”

It’s here, and you’re invited to join us at my 10th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk™ brought to you by our friends at Canon, and produced by KelbyOne. This photo walk is a worldwide phenomenon with nearly 1,100 cities around the globe hosting … [Read more]

Painting Light

Hello, everybody! It’s that time of the week again, right here on, where the blog moves across the pond to London, UK, where I will share with you another of my pearls of wisdom from the world of travel photography. Thank you all for … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Viktor Fejes!

Not every photographer wants or can afford to hire a retoucher. That said, I hate seeing photos with all the potential of becoming something amazing being ruined by bad retouching. I am not even talking about those mistakes that only a specialist … [Read more]