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Using Photoshop To Get Rid Of A Background

This will be the second post in a row dealing with getting rid of distracting backgrounds. If you haven't seen the other post I'd suggest you might want to check it out. Today's image goes in the direct opposite direction. Instead of doing all sorts … [Read more]

Postage Stamp in Photoshop (New)

Pradip ChowdhuryA postage stamp can be created in Photoshop for any image. It is not difficult to make and is a great effect. I will be using Photoshop CS6, but it can be done in other versions too. It takes a bit of practice though. I will show it … [Read more]

Increasing Contrast in Photoshop

Pradip ChowdhurySometimes an image seems to lack contrast. Do you use the Brightness and Contrast to increase contrast? There is a simple way to increase contrast in any version of Photoshop. It can be done quickly and does not need special … [Read more]

Create This Dark Matte Landscape Composite in Photoshop

In this tutorial you can learn how to create a dark, misty and ominous scene of a dark mountains by combining different stock images. We’ll create a misty scene of mountains and light from afar. You’ll also practice some essential manipulation, … [Read more]

How to Create an Exotic Crocomobile in Photoshop

Learn how to merge animals in Photoshop with this tutorial that will teach you how to chop photos and blend them together. This is a simple tutorial but to get great results. Read this tutorial and find out how you can easily create your own … [Read more]

Combine Photo Elements to Create a Surreal Photo Manipulation

This Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to use a variety of color, lighting, and cut and paste techniques to create a surreal photo manipulation. Combine your creativity with these Photoshop techniques to create your own photo manipulation … [Read more]

Surprisingly Easy Rainbow Light Painting Effect in 2 Minutes

Give your photos a unique look with this retro effect that’s super easy and fun. This effect is a great way to enhance the look of photos with a dark background. It will also only take you two minutes to complete because it only uses two … [Read more]

Quick Production Backdrop

One challenge that designers have is how to showcase their companies product in a simple but effective way. This is a great way to quickly create a dynamic stage for your products to be showcased. Find a good ground image Start with a good looking … [Read more]

What the heck is Blend if?

In the Layers Styles panel at the bottom of the first tab “Blending Options” is one of the unsung heroes of Photoshop that gets overlooked so often, and I think it is because it seems a little weird or scary… so today i am going to … [Read more]

Lightroom Mobile: Is Your “Smart Preview” Actually Just a Smaller RAW File?

Hi gang, and happy Monday everybody. Below is a short (5 minute) really fascinating discussion from last week’s episode of “The Grid” (my weekly photography talk show) with my in-studio guest, Lightroom Mobile Product Manager, Josh … [Read more]

Lightroom Beginners Tip: How To Edit The “Live Histogram”

Hi Gang: Happy Tuesday, and here’s one for the Lightroom beginners out there on how to interactively edit using the live Histogram (this makes much more sense once you actually see it). I did the short little video below to show you how it … [Read more]

Can You Help Me Design My New Course?

Hi Gang, and happy Friday. I’m getting ready to record a new class for Lightroom users, but it’s actually about Photoshop. The course is called: Seven Photoshop Techniques Every Lightroom User Needs to Know I’m doing the class after … [Read more]

Blind “Food Photography” Critiques – Wednesday on The Grid

Very excited to have food photographer Steve Hanson as my guest this week on “The Grid” (my live weekly photography talk show), and we’re taking your submissions now to have your food photography critiqued on this week’s show … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Alan Hess!

Photo by Nadra Farina-Hess It’s good to be back here on Scotts’ blog. Thanks Scott and Brad. Photoshop World is fast approaching, and this year I’m thrilled to be presenting on Night and low Light Photography and Concert Photography. I wanted to take … [Read more]

One More Way To Deal With Distracting Backgrounds In Photoshop Or Lightroom

Okay, in today's image you can see that "the background" isn't exactly a big distraction. In fact, it isn't. It isn't anything. It was never there. Adobe Photoshop (PS) really had nothing to do with what you're looking at. Just about everyone knows … [Read more]

What Do You Do On A Raining Day With Photoshop Lightroom?

I run into a lot (okay, some) people who are doing what's known as a 365 Project. You can find many examples of such tasks on Flickr or some of the other social photography sites. The trick is to take at least one photo every day for an entire year. … [Read more]

Tone Mapping In Photoshop CS6

Pradip ChowdhuryTone Mapping means you can use a gradient for your images to give a special effect. In CS6 this is particularly easy as there are quite a number of Presets ready made for you to use. After all Photoshop is made by people who know how … [Read more]

Out of Bounds (OOB) Tutorial

Pradip ChowdhuryCreating an Out of Bounds effect with any image looks great. You can make your own cards with it or just for the fun of it for the 3D effect. I am doing it in Photoshop CS6, though it can also be done in the earlier versions. The only … [Read more]

How to Create a Clean Glossy Plastic Text Effect

Using multiple layer styles can help achieve a more detailed and 3D-looking effect. This tutorial will show you how to use layer styles, filters, textures, brushes, and adjustment layers to create a shiny, clean plastic text effect in Adobe … [Read more]

How to Create a Mountainous Matte Painting

Follow this tutorial to learn how to create this landscape matte painting! It will show you how to create our own mountain scene by arranging multiple stocks together and blending them correctly using layer masks and adjustment layers. You will also … [Read more]