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Magic In The Camera Rather Than In Photoshop

It's true. Sometimes the magic has to happen in the camera. Or on the camera. Today's image is of a small water fall along the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire, USA. It was taken in late morning on a bright sunny day. Everything that could go … [Read more]

Post Sandy Thoughts

The lights came on last night. We were without power from Monday through the day on Thursday. Something like 30% of our little town is still without electricity. Our next door neighbor had his first experience with a generator and thought it was … [Read more]

Photoshop Takes You Where No Man /Person Has Gone

One nice thing about Adobe Photoshop CS6 (and those versions before) is that you can go places in your mind and translate them to an image. Today's image (the main portion at least) is at a parking area along the Kancamagus Highway in the White … [Read more]

Light Leak Photoshop tutorial

A light leak is a hole or gap in the body of a camera where light is able to "leak" into the normally light-tight chamber, exposing the film or sensor with extra light. This light is diffuse, although parts within the camera may cast shadows or … [Read more]

Painterly Effect with Photoshop

A painterly effect is something that looks like a painting. There are many ways how to go about it including using some of photoshops filters. Here is a method that is simple. Here I will use only one filter. It will work best where there is a lot of … [Read more]

Image and Text

Using Text with an image can get a good effect. But it does take time. This will be a refresher tutorial on the Type Tool in Photoshop. This is the effect I will create. Or this. I will be using this image. You will find it here It belongs to … [Read more]

Sharpening in Lab Mode

Small details in an image can be sharpened subtly in Lab Mode in Photoshop which enables you to shift the focus to particular parts. The effect of the sharpening can also be controlled unlike just using the Sharpen Filters. I will be using this stock … [Read more]

Paste Into Layer Mask

This seems to be an odd title for a photoshop tutorial. It is about a Layer Mask and the Paste Into command. But what does it do? One thing in combination Blend Modes it increases highlights very beautifully without appearing the least bit artificial … [Read more]

Wednesday Q&A: how to put multiple copies of one picture photoshop

I've done a couple posts on using one image multiple times in Adobe Photoshop CS6. The first was using the same image (enlarged and blurred) as a background to the mainimage. That's one way to do it. The title of today's Q&A comes directly from a … [Read more]

The River Is Wide – Thanks To Photoshop Content Aware Scaling

Today's image is another from out recent road trip to Maine and New Hampshire. The covered bridge in the shot is just south of Conway NH along Route 16. As you cross a bridge, if you look to the northwest you'll see the covered bridge. As we drove by … [Read more]

Going Artsy With Photoshop CS6

I've got a website/e-store/tutorial site you've got to checkout. It's Woody Walters DigitalPhoto Candy site. Today's image is a first attempt to do something similar to what woody does so masterfully. He's out of Cedar Falls, Iowa, so I'd don't think … [Read more]

Wednesday Q&A: Removing Objects with Photoshop CS6

A couple of photographers I know asked recently about "clearing the decks" as one of them put it. He had an assignment to shoot a public place, but the editor said he didn't want to bother with any people being in the scene. Since this was not a … [Read more]

Photoshop’s CTRL/ALT/SHIFT/E Debunked

It happened again on Thursday. I watched an online tutorial and the person was pushing the fact that whenever you got to a place using Adobe Photoshop CS6 to retouch a photograph that you wanted to have a place you could go back to you should use the … [Read more]

Hand Painting With Photoshop

There's all sorts of methods to jack up colors using Adobe Photoshop CS6 (CS6) and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 (LR4). You can do a faux HDR (in CS6, Image/Adjustments/HDR Toning). You can use Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layers (Layers/New Adjustment … [Read more]

Turn Around – Lightroom Works Both Ways

Today's image shows what happens when you turn around when you're shooting an iconic scene. While we were in Maine last month we stayed at the Hotel Pemaquid in New HarborMaine. The thing that makes this hotel somewhat unique is that it's (according … [Read more]

Controlling Blur In Camera, Not In Photoshop

So, what's the big deal. If you have a shot where the background is too in focus and the image would look better with the background out of focus, no problem. That's what Adobe Photoshop (CS6 or before) is for. That's a hell of an excuse for not … [Read more]

Do’s And Don’ts For Shooting Pemaquid Light

sI did a post last week (or so) saying when you're shooting Pemaquid Lighthouse in New Harbor Maine to make sure you turn around and shoot the crashing waves. It seems like a good idea, but, at the same time it might be a bad idea, but one that can … [Read more]

Wednesday Q & A: How to get Lightroom 4 Effects In CS6

Comparison of Lightroom 4 Develop Module and Adobe Camera Raw Basic panel.I saw today's search query come through bringing someone to The Gallery. At first I just passed right over it. By the time I finished checking out the list, that one search … [Read more]

Layer Mask refining

We all know what a Layer Mask does, it hides or reveals. A White Layer Mask reveals all and a Black Layer Mask hides all. Sometimes when you mask out a portion of an image you can get jagged edges showing when you zoom into the image. This can be got … [Read more]

Layer Mask How to use it

Layer Masks need no introduction. They have been part of Photoshop for a long time. White Layer Mask reveals all and a Black Layer Mask hides all. There are also shades of gray which partially reveal. In Photoshop CS5 masking has become easier. There … [Read more]