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5 Quick Bits of News

Rob Foldy Is Getting Married Tomorrow! That’s right, my buddy, Sports Photographer, KelbyOne Instructor, Miami Marlins Team Photographer, Frequent Grid Guest, and all over SupaLuva Rob Foldy is settling down with a wonderful gal, late tomorrow … [Read more]

Understanding the History and Snapshots panels: Part 1

One of Lightroom’s greatest strengths is the fact that it stores all the work you do in its catalog file and never changes the pixel data in the source photos. Having all of that data on hand gives you a tremendous amount of freedom and flexibility … [Read more]

The 2018 Lightroom Calendar Templates Are Here!

Well, by here I mean over at Ed Weaver’s site (Ed has been making these presets since 2010 and sharing them with the Lightroom community for free, which I think is awfully cool of Ed). Head on over to Ed’s site now (here’s the link) to download … [Read more]

Shooting The Outback Bowl. Well, kinda…

Well, I was at the Outback Bowl, and I did shoot some football, but that wasn’t my main gig. I hope you’ll take a moment to check out my images and the full story behind how I wound up shooting at the Outback Bowl, by clicking this link.  … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Trever Hoehne!

Quite an honor to be back here on Scott’s guest blog! It’s amazing how time flies… this will be my 10th year as a working photographer in the fashion industry. And although I would love to say that in that time I have figured it all out…. the … [Read more]

I’m Giving Away Five Signed Copies of My New Book, “The Flash Book”

First, here’s what the book is all about (it’s short – give it quick watch). OK, now all you have to do to enter for your chance to win one of five signed copies, it simply leave me a comment below. You can say “hi” you … [Read more]

Create a Fantasy Fish Scene above the Sky

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a fantasy fish scene using a variety of photo manipulation techniques. You’ll learn how to combine different stock images into a cohesive scene using blending, adjusting colors, masking and … [Read more]

How to Create a Chocolaty Valentine’s Day Card for Your Girlfriend

This Valentine’s day, show your true love with a Valentine’s Day card! Whether it’s for your partner or yourself, you’ll have a fun time making it. This tutorial will show you how to create an easy swirling background and how to use layer styles to … [Read more]

Extending the Power of Lr Classic Export

Output is such a huge part of Lightroom Classic that it has four separate modules—Book, Slideshow, Print, and Web—entirely devoted to getting photos out in one form or another, then there are a number of publish service options, and finally there is … [Read more]

How to Create a Beautiful and Emotional Angel Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a beautiful scene for the angel by manipulating different stock images. You will create an angel by working on the blend mode, shadows & lighting, colour matching techniques and push your … [Read more]

Free Download: 3 Awesome Actions to Create Watercolor and Acrylic Painting Effects

Turn any photo into a beautiful painting with these Photoshop actions by SparkleStock! To create the realistic painting effects, these actions combine Photoshop filters with seamless textures created from real watercolor and acrylic paint. These … [Read more]

Four Ways to Copy Lightroom’s Develop Settings From One Photo to Another

I’m always impressed at how much Benjamin is able to pack into a 60-second (or less) video, and this one is a perfect example – four ways to copy Develop Settings from One Photo to Another. See what I mean? Thanks, Benjamin. Happy … [Read more]

Mastering Collections in Lightroom Classic: Part 2

While those pre-built collections in the Catalog panel (from last week) are all very useful in their own way there is another level of user-driven collections that you can leverage to fit your organizational needs. This is where the Collections panel … [Read more]

Awesome Little Lightroom Type Trick (or two. Well, 2-1/2 anyway)

Hi, gang, and Happy Holidays. I’ve got a surprisingly good little tip today – it’s a workaround for getting around Lightroom’s somewhat (read as: massively lame) control over type in the Print Module. Anyway, if you give this … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Jeremiah Warren!

Photo by Cameron Powell The making of the Ugmonk Gather product video A peek inside the process of a successful crowdfunding video In December of 2016 Jeff Sheldon and I first talked about collaborating on the launch of an upcoming Ugmonk product. 5 … [Read more]

Sing to the tune of “I’ll be Home For Christmas”

To wrap up this Christmas week, please join my yearly tradition of me being “lame” as I sing the following — to the tune of Bing Crosby’s “I’ll be home for Christmas:”  (tip: laming rhymes with flaming) “I’m laming out for the Holidays You can count … [Read more]

How to Create a Breathtakingly Artistic Winter Horse Illustration in Photoshop

Learn how to create this amazing photo manipulation with a variety of blending techniques, custom brushes, and more. This intermediate-advanced tutorial also comes with its own set of raw ink splatter scans so that you can practice creating your own … [Read more]

Create a Fantasy Warrior Painting From Scratch

Let’s face it – everyone likes fantasy. And girls. And fantasy girls. Not everyone can draw them though. Follow this tutorial and hopefully you’ll learn a lot about painting your own fantasy character! Preview of Final Results … [Read more]

Save Time By Creating Import Presets

If you start to realize you’re using the same settings fairly often when importing images, you can save a ton of time by creating an “Import Preset” with your settings already in place. That way, you don’t have to answer all … [Read more]

Adobe Releases Lightroom Classic 7.1 (and one the new features is pretty awesome!)

It’s new Lightroom features day! (whoo hoo!) We’ll start with Lightroom Classic version 7.1 update (it gets two new features, plus some new camera and tethering support). Here we go: (1) Feature #1 is a totally new reimagined … [Read more]