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Using Virtual Copies and Snapshots

The Snapshot and Virtual Copy functions inside Lightroom share some similarities and some significant differences. Each has a valuable place in a Lightroom workflow and it is important to understand the differences to use each of them effectively. … [Read more]

Getting Your Images From Lightroom into Adobe Portfolio Just Got a Lot Easier

Hi, gang — I’m back from my trip to Lisbon and Morocco (photos and a Webcast to come soon), but for today I wanted to cover the recent update to Adobe Portfolio (the free online pro-look portfolio that comes with your Creative Cloud … [Read more]

Introducing Dodge

I’m Dave Williams, a.k.a., Hybrid Dave, and I’m here every Tuesday for #HybridDaveTuesdays at Some of you know my friend Dodge, but some don’t. So, let’s talk about Dodge. Dodge and Burn tools are commonly used … [Read more]

Group Shots From The Worldwide Photo Walk

Hi gang, and happy Friday! (Thanks to Photo Walk leader Fernando Santos for this shot from the Sintra, Portugal walk).   One of my personal favorite parts of the Worldwide Photo Walk is seeing the group shots from around the world. I love seeing the … [Read more]

Create This Gorgeous Moonlight Poster of a Girl Walking on a Railway

Learn how to create this beautiful moonlight scene in Photoshop. This tutorial will teach you many great Photoshop techniques such as how to easily mask complex objects using channels, create your own astrophotography-like skies, and add surreal … [Read more]

How to Paint a Lovely Pair of Birds in Photoshop

Learn how to create this painting of a beautiful pair of birds. You will learn how to extract photos and give them a beautiful painting-like look. Preview of Final Results Pair of Birds Painting Photoshop Tutorial Tutorial Resources Umbrella – … [Read more]

Lightroom Start to Finish Project: Atlanta Falcon’s Wide Angle New Stadium Shot

Hi Gang: I got the opportunity to shoot the Atlanta Falcon’s new home: Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and I posted the images, behind-the-shots, and the story of teh shoot, and pics from that game that night, over on Adobe Spark (here’s the … [Read more]

How to Have Lightroom Do Some Organization For You Automatically

Today’s video from Adobe’s own Lightroom Team member Benjamin Warde is a tip I share on my current Lightroom tour, because it’s incredibly helpful but it helps you clean up an import and organize parts of your shoot for your … [Read more]

How to Get Help With Lightroom

We all need help using Lightroom from time to time. From dealing with problems to trying to learn how to do a new technique, knowing how to ask the question (and where) can save you a lot of time and assist the right people in giving you the answers … [Read more]

Photowalk Big Five

It’s that time of the week again! #HybridDaveTuesdays come around pretty quick, right? Well this week the timing is perfect for me to give you my big five tips for a fantastic photowalk! The annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2017 is right … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Cade Martin!

Creating Magic and Whimsy “Never let ’em see you ache. That’s what Mr. Mayer used to say. Or was it ass? Never let ’em see your ass.” ? Carrie Fisher, Postcards from the Edge As the only child of a university art professor and … [Read more]

Only Two Days Left To The Biggest Photo Walk In The World! (and you’re invited)

It’s this Saturday! Time to spread the word – rally the troops – let all your photographer friends know there’s still time to join us, and have a really wonderful photo-making, friend-making time. Here’s the link to give … [Read more]

Here’s Your Last-Minute Tips For Tomorrow’s Photo Walk

It’s here!!! Tomorrow, in a thousand cities around the world, my 10th Annual World Wide Photo Walk kicks off, and by tomorrow night collectively we will have taken literally millions of photos. How cool is that!!!! If you haven’t signed up for a walk … [Read more]

Create Your Own Custom Landscapes in Photoshop

Learn how to create your own custom backgrounds in Photoshop! You’ll learn how to combine and blend multiple landscape photos, mask using channel data, and finish it up with a strong gradient color effect. Preview of Final Results Tutorial … [Read more]

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Lightroom Mobile’s Built-in Camera

Lightroom Mobile’s built-in camera is one kick butt little app — it’s one of the most underrated parts of Lightroom Mobile, and that’s why today I wanted to share “5 Reasons You Should Be Using Lightroom Mobile’s … [Read more]

Quick Drag Thumbnail Trick (another one I didn’t know)

Benjamin Warde has done it again — I absolutely did not know this one, but I’ll sure be using it. Thanks, Benjamin! That was awesome (and quick, too!). Hope you have a great Tuesday! -Scott The post Quick Drag Thumbnail Trick (another one I … [Read more]

Creating, Editing, and Managing Local Adjustment Presets

Nestled away under the Effect drop-down menu under each of the local adjustment tools (Adjustment Brush, Graduated Filter, and Radial Filter) are a set of presets that are specific to these tools. Any preset made in any of those tools will be … [Read more]

The Personal Side of Tim Wallace

–”My words can not express the admiration for Mr. Wallace’s life. I am thankful that I could listen to this interview. I’m very moved …” –”Just finished watching and W.O.W!” –”Tim Wallace thank you for … [Read more]

Sunny HDR

So, I just traveled to Italy to shoot, and while I was there, as with any sunny destination, I was thinking about what I could actually achieve in the midday sun. When a scene is bathed in even light, regardless of how bright that light is, you can … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Mark Heaps!

Growing As A Professional Creative When I was around 6 years old, my friend asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said “an artist,” and every chance I got I would pick our activity or game. He would want to climb trees, I’d say, “Let’s … [Read more]