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The “New Eyes” Photography Challenge

Above: I was in a bad place post-processing wise in 2012. I think it was the mushrooms. Haven’t had a pizza with them since. I have a simple photo challenge for you… and while there is no official prize (well, not one from me anyway), it has … [Read more]

Guest Blog: Circus Clown, Photoshop Guru, and Regular Guy Kirk Marsh

Commonplaces – Surreal From The Real I’m a big believer in story. Several years ago I made a 365 Project that was all storytelling based, because it’s a topic that really intrigues me. I love creating photographic stories. I find storytelling … [Read more]

7 Life Hacks That Make College More Bearable

Do you remember back in high school when you couldn’t wait to graduate? Always looking forward to that next stage in life, when you’d be going away to make it on your own. Only, no one ever told you that the fairy tale was not all rainbows and … [Read more]

Combining All Your Lightroom Catalogs Into Just One

This can make your Lightroom life soooooooo much easier and faster — having all your images (all of them!) in just one single catalog, and it’s something I’ve been preaching on my Lightroom seminar tour. BTW: thanks to everybody in … [Read more]

How to Correct Difficult To Remove Spots in Lightroom Classic

Here’s another awesome, quick, to the point tutorial from Adobe’s own Benjamin Warde on how correcting difficult to remove spots. Check it out: Thanks, Benjamin! Don’t miss Rob Sylvan’s column here tomorrow! I know what he has … [Read more]

August 2018 Updates to Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC

Lightroom Classic 7.5 and Lightroom CC 1.5 for Mac and PC started rolling out to Creative Cloud subscribers last night and should be coming to a CC application manager near you (if it’s not there already). This update brings the usual new camera … [Read more]

Issue 43 of Lightroom Magazine Is Now Available

Issue 43 of Lightroom Magazine is now available for KelbyOne Pro members on the KelbyOne site and the KelbyOne Mags app for iOS and Android. In this issue, learn about all the updates that were just released for the Lightroom ecosystem, join Rick … [Read more]

I’m Giving Away Five Copies of My Brand New Lightroom Classic Book Today!

Well, technically we’ll pick the five winners on Monday; announce the winners here on Tuesday, I’ll sign the books and send ’em out no matter where you live. What do you have to do for a chance to win one? Just leave a comment … [Read more]

How The Print Exhibition System in Our Gallery Works (and a look at Saturday’s Gallery Reception)

Above: Our contest winner, Canadian landscape photographer Ramtin Kazemi (photo by Kalebra) Saturday night, we were honored to feature the outstanding landscape photographer of KelbyOne member Ramtin Kazemi in his own solo Gallery Opening, and wine … [Read more]

Which Camera?

It’s #TravelTuesday again! Doesn’t it come around quick? It seems like only a week since the last one! Well, here at Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider that means the reigns are passed on to me, Dave Williams, to share something about Photoshop, … [Read more]

Guest Blog: SternRep Photographer’s Representative

Creating a Cohesive Portfolio As a photo agent I am constantly looking at photographers’ work, and after 20 years in business, I have seen what it takes to become, and stay a successful photographer. A couple months ago, I created a list of the “Top … [Read more]

Five Portrait/Fashion Photographers You Should Be Following on Instagram

Howdy, folks – before we launch into my picks – I’m doing a location “safari fashion shoot” today as part of a new class I’m doing on lighting location portraits with the Profoto B1x,  and we’ll be sharing a … [Read more]

Follow-Up To Last Monday’s “Shocking Truth About Lightroom’s HDR” Post

Hi, gang, and happy Monday. I have a follow-up to my post from last Monday titled, “The Shocking Truth About Lightroom’s HDR” (link) after hearing from Adobe’s Lightroom team regarding my post. They noted there are several … [Read more]

New Feature: Adding Color Labels to Folders in Lightroom Classic

It’s Tuesday, and time for a new “Lightroom Coffee Break” 60-second video from the awesome Benjamin Warde — this one is on a new feature added in the most recent update that allows you to add a color label to Folders. Check it out: … [Read more]

Painting with Negative Defringe

A few weeks back Scott posted a helpful video on how to remove chromatic aberration from your photographs, and there was a comment on there from Elliott that inspired me for this week’s post. Elliott was commenting on how sometimes removing the … [Read more]

The August Issue of Photoshop User Magazine Is Now Available

The August 2018 issue of Photoshop User (the official magazine for KelbyOne Pro members) is now live on the KelbyOne site and KelbyOne Mags for iOS and Android. In this issue, learn how to turn photographic images into works of art with the Mixer … [Read more]

Worldwide Photo Walk 2018 Q&A

Above: The group shot of the local photo walk I led in Venice, Italy a couple of years ago — such a great group to walk with, which included my brother Jeff (behind me, far right), and Mimo Meidany (far left), and behind him, Italian legend of love, … [Read more]

8 travel photo insider secrets

#TravelTuesday has come around again, and I’m right here as always to impart some of the bountiful wisdom filed amongst the mayhem in my mind! It really has been mayhem, too. I moved home this past week, heading out of the big smoke that is … [Read more]

Guest Blog: Wedding and Portrait Photographer Tauran Woo

Don’t Let Your Love of Photography DIE! As someone who has been working as a photographer and videographer in the wedding industry for over 20 years, I’ve been able to witness a lot of the exciting changes the industry has gone through in the last 2 … [Read more]

Announcing My New Lightroom Book For More Experienced Lightroom Users

Hi, gang — greetings from Washington DC. I’m up here for my seminar today, and looking forward to meeting a whole bunch of you! Today, I’m officially announcing my new book‚ “How Do I Do That in Lightroom Classic, 2nd … [Read more]