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Raster vs Vector: What’s the Difference and Does It Matter?

If you’re working in an Adobe program or any image creation/editing tool, then you’ve probably heard of raster vs vector images. If you’re not familiar with the differences between the two, then this is just the article for you! … [Read more]

The Shocking Truth About Lightroom’s HDR

The truth is, if you’re trying to make a realistic-looking HDR, Lightroom’s built-in HDR is not nearly as sharp or color accurate as you can get by starting in Lightroom, then jumping over to Photoshop’s HDR Pro and changing one … [Read more]

Save a Step: Import Your Images Directly Into a Collection

Another great time-saving tip for Lightroom Classic users from Adobe’s own Benjamin Warde. This one’s on how to import directly into a Collection. Great stuff – thanks, Benjamin! Have a great Tuesday, everybody. Best, -Scott P.S. … [Read more]

Starting Over from Scratch in Classic: Part 3

This week we wrap up my series on starting over. Be sure to read the first and second parts before this one. Collections and Publish Services As I mentioned back in the first post, collection membership is not written into XMP metadata, so … [Read more]

Only One Spot Left For My Rome, Italy Workshop Next Month – Come Join Me There

This is your invitation to come to beautiful Rome, Italy and join me and Italian photographer, long exposure expert, and KelbyOne Instructor Mimo Meidany for an unforgettable four-day travel photography workshop — “The Classic Beauty of Rome” in one … [Read more]

A Better Way to HDR; Photo Walk Leader Update; Gallery Opening, and I’m Coming To DC in 11 Days (Whew!)

Happy Monday, everybody. Here’s what’s up: HERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT LIGHTROOM’S HDR YOU’LL WANT TO KNOW… I made this discovery recently, and it’s about how to get MUCH sharper, more color accurate realistic HDR … [Read more]

Guest Blog: Entertainment Photographer Mary Caroline Russell

I’ve always loved music. I grew up dancing on hardwood floors to my parents’ records. Socks slipping around, arms waving, head shaking. There is some kind of magic in it. Some spark that happens. It starts in your ears and moves its way through … [Read more]

Going Loco for Logos: How to Create the Perfect Website Icon

A logo serves as the centerpiece for an entire brand or company. Coming up with your own unique website icon or logo is an especially challenging and important responsibility, then. There will (hopefully) be many eyes on it for years to come. The … [Read more]

Creepy Lady on a Dark Mountain – Learn How to Create This Composite in Photoshop

Learn how to create this surreal mountain landscape in Photoshop. In this tutorial you’ll learn how you can create a mountain scene and how to add creepy trees to your scene without making the selections. You will also learn how to create … [Read more]

The Next Level of Removing Chromatic Aberrations

Hey, gang – as promised here’s a follow-up to my earlier “one-click” solution for getting rid of those nasty purple and green color fringes along the edges of things in your image. This technique takes it up a notch by showing … [Read more]

Starting Over from Scratch in Classic: Part 2

This is a continuing discussion that started last week. Be sure to check out Part 1 for context. Preparations Knowing what is at stake (last week’s post), let’s go through the things you should do before you start over. First, have a good … [Read more]

What To Do When Your Program Doesn’t Offer The Ability To Print

I got this question in my email last week: I am searching for a tutorial on “How to Print” in the New Cloud Lightroom CC. I can’t find anything on the web, even in Adobe. Do you have such a video/videos on the New CC to help? The … [Read more]

The best way to match tones in Photoshop composites

Yes, it’s me again! Dave Williams, the #TravelTuesday blogger here at Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider, and freshly appointed editor at I’ve kicked off a new series of #MondayMotivation posts over there and … [Read more]

Guest Blog: Portrait and Documentary Photographer Alan Winslow

Photo by Justin Bettman First of all, I’d like to thank Scott and his team for inviting me to write a guest post. I’ve used the tips, tricks, and advice from other photographers’ posts here for years. It’s an honor to be asked … [Read more]

Join Me in Beautiful Rome, Italy For a Hands-on Travel Photography Workshop

This is your invitation to come to beautiful Rome, Italy and join me and Italian photographer, long exposure expert, and KelbyOne Instructor Mimo Meidany for an unforgettable four-day travel photography workshop — “The Classic Beauty of … [Read more]

Adobe Photoshop vs. LightRoom – In-Depth Comparison

In the past few decades or so the creation of digital photo editing has created a brand new form of art. Now, photographers and even weekend hobbyists are able to bring a sense of professionalism to their art like never before. No longer do we have … [Read more]

8 Photoshop Tips and Tricks All Photographers Should Know

Sixty-eight percent of adults edit their selfies before sharing them with anyone. Statistics show the growing importance of learning advanced editing skills. A photographer cannot publish a photo without altering it in some way. Photoshop, the … [Read more]

Why You Should Use Lightroom’s Catalog Backup Feature Even If You Backup Your Whole Computer Daily

Before we jump in — just a heads up — the new issue of Lightroom Magazine (issue #42) is out. We publish the mag 10-times a year for KelbyOne Pro members, and this issue is another great one. Articles and columns from Martin Evening, Serge Ramelli, … [Read more]

Three Very Handy Overlay Features You Might Not Be Using

Such a helpful video from Benjamin Warde today, and the name of the video “Using Loupe Overlays” makes it sound like something different than you might think. This is really helpful stuff, and I’ll bet you’re probably not … [Read more]

Lightroom Trick That Makes People Like Their Portraits More

Hi, gang. Before we kick things off, I did a fashion shoot last week using my new Profoto B1s, and my video crew put together a behind-the-scenes video so you can get a peek at the shoot. I’m embedding it here (it’s just a little over … [Read more]