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Lightroom Presets – Matt’s Auto-Enhance Preset

Hi everyone. I’ve had a bunch of requests to update my Auto Enhance preset. A while back, I found myself making the same adjustments over and over again. So I figured the Auto Tone settings in Lightroom, along with some of the Vibrance, Clarity … [Read more]

Lightroom Presets – Sharpening for Landscape and Outdoor Photos

I always get a lot of questions about sharpening in Lightroom and what settings to use. Well, if there’s ever a place where presets work great, sharpening is one of them. For the first round of sharpening presets, I figured I’d create a … [Read more]

Lightroom Tip – Reordering Presets

If you haven’t noticed, you get fairly limited options when ordering your presets in the Preset panel in Lightroom. By default they’re sorted alphabetically. So any preset that begins with the letter A will show up in front of all other … [Read more]

Lightroom Presets – Sharpening for Portrait Photos

A few weeks ago I posted some landscape and outdoor sharpening presets for Lightroom. This time around I have some presets that tend to work best for portraits. The main difference is the masking feature. With landscape and outdoor photos we … [Read more]

Free Perfect Effects (and Presets) for Photoshop and Lightroom Users

Hi everyone. I usually post presets on Monday-ish but I’m traveling to Sacramento today for my Lightroom seminar tomorrow, and things have been pretty crazy around work, so I haven’t had much time to work on some new ones. But I … [Read more]

Lightroom Presets – Calendar Print Templates For 2013

Happy Monday everyone. I’m in San Diego today getting ready to teach my Lightroom seminar to around 400, and it looks like a great day. But I’ve also got some presets for you. The past few years I’ve featured some killer Lightroom … [Read more]

Lightroom 4.3 Is Released!

Adobe released the latest update to Lightroom yesterday (4.3). Tom Hogarty (Lightroom’s product manager) has a full list of what’s in this release but here’s the highlights: - The big thing (to me at least, even though I don’t … [Read more]

Feature preview: Commercial Retouching

<!--BEAUTY_SPREAD-->Beauty retouching is one of the more common processes practised by Photoshop users. However, many of the tutorials supplied online yield unconvincing effects, which won’t suffice if you want to show off your skills in the … [Read more]

Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate 2013

<!--entertainment_creation_suite_ultimate_2013_boxshot_hi-res-2--><!--max-anno1--><!--materials1-->In terms of available professional 3D applications, there are a few. CINEMA 4D, LightWave and the open-source (but rather tech-heavy) … [Read more]

Review preview: Portrait Professional Studio 64

<!--082_AVP_103-->If you’re an aspiring professional retoucher you’ve most likely been left scratching your head, pondering the question: ‘should I invest in plug-in software?’ First, there’s the matter of money, with some types more … [Read more]

New Adobe Edge tools & services

<!--web-->Great news for web designers using Adobe Cloud services! Further updates now see the inclusion of Adobe Edge tools & services, now added to the Creative Cloud membership. You can now use all of the Edge Tools & Services to … [Read more]

New Topaz Detail 3

<!--Screen-shot-2012-12-03-at-14.22.52--> Topaz Detail 3 is a tool designed for achieving well-defined detail, clarity and definition throughout your photos. Topaz Detail 3 allows digital images to enhance photos without halo and artifact side … [Read more]

New Photoshop CS6 updates with Creative Cloud

<!--screen--> During Create Now, an online event taking place at 6pm GMT this evening, Adobe announce the latest Creative Cloud updates that offer members access to over a dozen exclusive new features for Adobe Photoshop. Additionally Adobe … [Read more]

New Offering Brings Teams into Creative Cloud

<!--team--> Creative Cloud for teams is the latest major update from adobe. These new services have been designed with to help creative professionals work better together. Creative Cloud for teams delivers everything that’s included with the … [Read more]

All About Space issue 7 free preview

<!--AAS7_web-preview-graphic--><!--032-33_AAS_007--><!--036-37_AAS_007--><!--050-51_AAS_007--><!--076-77_AAS_007--><!--AAS-007-web--> Will we ever live on the Moon? It’s a question that humanity has pondered for … [Read more]

My 7th Annual Holiday Gear Guide

Welcome to my “7th Annual Awesome Holiday Gear Guide.” I think what has made this guide extra awesome the past couple of years is that I’ve really tried to focus on choosing great value-for-the-money gear. As always, this year’s gear guide is packed … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring David Bergman!

I’m honored to be back here for a second time as Scott’s guest blogger. Like my last post, I’m going to share some non-technical thoughts because it’s too easy to get lost in gear and megapixels.It’s hard to believe … [Read more]

Big Adobe Unveiling Coming Next Tuesday! (and you’re invited!)

Adobe has asked me to show off some cool new Photoshop stuff (along with some other hidden gems), and the whole event will broadcast LIVE and you don’t want to miss what’s next in Adobe’s Creative Cloud.When: Next Tuesday, December … [Read more]

It’s “Lots of Quick News” (and it’s “Big Adobe Event” Tuesday)

Adobe’s online Creative Cloud event is today! It’s the one where they’re unveiling what’s next in the Creative Cloud is today, and I’m part of the presentation (I’ll be talking a little about the cloud itself, but … [Read more]

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Brad Moore!

Photo by Joe McNallyBack in October, I made my annual trek to New York City for Photo Plus Expo. But this year I did something that I hadn’t done in previous years… I signed up to have my portfolio reviewed while I was there.These … [Read more]